Power (PC) to the people

Just another piece of great news! A user reported that they have successfully tested Open USB FXS on a Power PC platform. Actually, they have tested two PPC platforms: a Mac PowerBook G4 and another PPC platform running stock Debian. Open USB FXS worked on both — right away on the Mac, and after a bug fix in a the USB Host Controller of the second platform (the host controller did not support initially the number of USB endpoints required by Open USB FXS, but that was fixed by the manufacturer).

Well doneĀ folks! Keep it up, let the platforms that work with Open USB FXS proliferate!


2 Responses to “Power (PC) to the people”

  1. hdmtooth Says:

    Hello I want to buy a usb fxs to conect muy apple tv with asterisk, where I can buy it.

  2. Angelos Varvitsiotis Says:


    Your mail address seems to be incorrect. Please re-submit a comment with a correct email address and I will reply in private. Otherwise, you can send me mail directly at openusbfxs – at – gmail – dot – com.



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