Project rising from the dead

This will be a very short post.

I just got four new PCBs from a professional manufacturer (albeit without through-hole plating of “vias”) and I am about to start over rebuilding the circuit on at least one of them.

My building and testing plan is slightly different this time. I have already verified all I needed to verify about the interworking of the PIC and the 3210, so I ’d rather go for a cleaner build and easier hardware debugging. Thus, I ’ll first do the circuitry around the PIC, then test and verify all is OK with that; then I ’ll do the circuitry around the 3210, then test and verify all is OK with that too (which is the point where my project died last time); finally I ’ll do the circuitry around the 3201 (and yes, you guessed it right, then test and verify everything is OK). Don’t worry about my terse wording, I ’ll post all the gory details about the course of my build and tests as soon as I have them — after all, that’s exactly where the fun is, or not?

In the meantime, I have uploaded the firmware and the PC software source onto the project’s sourceforge site (actually, the site itself shows no code, you should look at the cvs tree) and I plan doing so soon for the Eagle sources as well.

I know every blog reader (supposing that anyone is reading this blog) is wishing the project a better luck this time. Thank you truly, right now that’s exactly what my Open USB FXS project really needs!

Update Nov 28 2008: I have now built the PIC part of my circuit onto one of my new PCBs. Initially the board remained dead, but now I am used to such bad surprises. So I checked and I noticed that I had forgotten CUSB. After adding that too, the green LED sprang to life, so good news here. There is one weird result though: when the PIC runs in bootloader mode and is being controlled by the PICDEM program (the PC controller for loading “userspace” firmware), the LED stops flashing. I ought to look at this some day, however since everything else seems OK (the bootloader works and uploads my userspace firmware fine), I ‘ll leave it for now. The uploaded firmware runs just fine as well (only, of course, since there is no 3210 on the board, the firmware fails when it tries to talk to it over SPI). So, good news up to now, and I am moving on with the 3210 part. An update or a new post ought to be up on this blog by some time next week. Stay in tune!


2 Responses to “Project rising from the dead”

  1. Francis Says:

    Better luck next time! 🙂
    Congratulations for your good work.

  2. openusbfxs Says:

    Well, thanks, Francis! These days I ‘ve been terribly busy with my (daytime) work and with lots of errands I had to run, so I have delayed a bit my second try. I hope I ‘ll be able to catch up the next few days, so that I can report some results — preferrably good ones — at most by the end of this week. In the meantime, I have uploaded Eagle files on Sourceforge (CVS-only access, from, but I have not checked if they download OK.

    Thanks again!


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